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Water Conservation

Water Conservation

Do you or your organization want a Water Conservation Upgrade?

We specialize in creating drought tolerant buildings and landscapes. You can choose from several packages to start you off saving water and money while meeting your budget.

Package Descriptions

Water Conservation retrofit  

Start simple. We'll replace/convert the following fixtures: sink and shower areators, dual flush toilet conversion kits, water heater blankets and foam insulation on hot water supply lines, leak repairs, manual & battery operated irrigation timers and hose nozzles.

Dual-flush toilets conversion kits operate by adjustable half and full flush options. Whether you are purchasing a new toilet or retrofitting your exiting toilet, this option can save hundreds of gallons a year.

Water-Smart Irrigation retrofit 

Upgade your old irrigation system to water only when needed! This package includes updating to an integrated weather-monitoring Irrigation Controller, adjusting irrigation duration time, zones and conversion to drip tubing where appropriate. Weather monitoring can be programmed to an on-site monitor or satelite feed. Drought tolerant landscaping services also avialable.

Whole House Package

Combines the Water Conservation + Water-Smart Irrigation and includes: On-demand water heaters, optional flushless urinals, optional composting toilet, hot-water pre-heaters and other options.