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Rainwater Catchment

Rainwater Catchment


Rain is underutilized as a high quality and plentiful supply of water for indoor and/or irrigation use. With proper filtration and sterilization, rainwater can supply a home or development with potable quality water throughout the year. Just an inch of rainfall captured on 1000 sq. ft. of roof area can provide up to 600 gallons of water. Urban populations are expected to double in the next two decades. Unfortunately, fresh water resources are projected to diminish as global warming effects weather patterns and snow pack levels worldwide. 

DIG Cooperative is committed to providing proactive strategies for ecological regeneration with water as the core design element.

There are many rainwater catchment and harvesting systems including pond excavation, swimming pool conversions and various rain barrel sizes, shapes, colors and material options available to match your budget and use.

We can provide all permits, if necessary. Local jurisdation or city codes and requirements may vary.


  • Gravity System - includes tank, filtration, purveyance, overflow, manual or battery-operated irrigation timer, tubing, and emitter systems
  • Pump Systen - includes tank, filtration, purveyance, overflow, irrigation timer or controller, tubing, emitters and pump systems
  • City Supply Back-up - fill tank and/or run irrigation system with a back-up supply of municipally treated water


  • Non-Potable System - provides filtered and U.V. sterilized rainwater for washing machines, toilet flushing and irrigation use
  • Potable System - provides potable quality rainwater for your project


  • Natural/organic aquatic feature with fish and wetland plants and/or eco-swimming hole
  • Waterfalls and sound privacy solutions
  • Stormwater management solutions


  • Convert your swimming pool into a rainharvesting tank! Option to include hydroponic vegetable production system

Our Team

 Babak Tondre - Designer & Co Founder





 Javier Oxford - Installer





 Niko Borrego - Installer





 Maria Williford - Business Manager





 Anya Kamenskaya - Sales Manager & Business Development