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L.E.E.D. Platinum Home / City of Piedmont

LEED platinum home

This single-family LEED Platinum residence features comprehensive greywater bio-filtration and rainwater catchment systems. Several rain tanks were plumbed together beneath a deck to provide almost a full year's of rainwater supply for indoor laundry use, toilet and urinal flushing and a living wall. This family's greywater system, rainwater system overflow and on-site spring/weep are plumbed to a beautiful constructed wetland. The wetland filters water before it is pumped to irrigate up to 75% of the property. 

Project Features

  • 8875 gal Rainwater Tanks to Indoor Plumbing
  • 100% use of roof surface harvesting area & 100% on-site storm water retention
  • Constructed Wetland Bio-Filter System for Greywater
  • Greywater to Drip Irrigation System
  • Erosion Control/Rockwork & Vernal Creek