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Do you live with polluted soil and want a garden? Looking for a green alternative to conventional/toxic chemical-based waste management and fertilization systems? 

We can have your soil tested to determine what pollutants may be present and implement both immediate as well as long-term bio-remediation strategies.

Bio-remediation uses micro-organisms to remove, accumulate, breakdown and/or render toxins harmless and, when used in conjunction with a succession of strategies including mycelia innoculation and selective crop plantings, a site can be restored to safe food production.  Regenerative gardening designs and practices can reduce your exposure to polluted soil, air and water while safely producing a harvest. 

Bio-septic systems provide an economical and ecologically smart way of treating wastes and diverting waste water as a safe source of irrigation for your garden.There are several eco-friendly, on-site waste management systems available that will turn wastes into a wonderland.

Contact us to determine the appropriate strategy for your site or project budget.